Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream

This Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream is the viral TikTok sweet, frozen treat, that’s both crunchy and chewy, and only requires 2 ingredients to make!

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What is Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream?

Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream is a TikTok trend where you wrap a sheet of Fruit Roll-Up around a scoop of ice cream. Once wrapped, the ice cream hardens the Fruit Roll-Up, thus creating a crunchy shell.

It’s like a chocolate dipped ice cream cone, but instead of chocolate, it’s Fruit Roll-Up!

This Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream is made with 2 simple ingredients: Fruit Roll-Up and ice cream. All the ingredients used in this recipe are pre-packaged, giving us a quick, sweet treat that the whole family will enjoy!

This Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream can even be made beforehand and stored in the freezer for those midnight cravings!

There are endless flavour combinations you can make with different Fruit Roll-Up and ice cream flavours. Today I will show you the tropical tie-dye, apple jolly rancher, and watermelon jolly rancher Fruit Roll-Up flavours, wrapped around French vanilla ice cream.

If you’re looking for more frozen treats, then try out my Cottage Cheese Ice Cream recipe!

Please watch my video, as I walk you through how to make them, and hopefully entertain you with my witty sense of humour.

Now let’s get Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream-ing!

What is a Fruit Roll-Up?

A Fruit Roll-Up is an edible, sweet wrapper that you can roll out and eat.

It’s sold as a fruit snack beside the peanut free chocolate chip granola bars but it’s actually just candy.

Some Fruit Roll-Ups come with cute cartoons stamped on the wrapper. Simply lay the wrapper flat on your tongue for a few seconds to reveal a temporary tongue tattoo!

This Fruit Roll-Up has temporary tongue tattoos printed on it.

Fruit Roll-Up flavour combinations:

There are many different Fruit Roll-Up and ice cream flavours; below are the flavour combinations I’ve tried and my personal opinions on them:

Green Apple Jolly Rancher + vanilla ice cream

Rating: 5/10

The green apple Fruit Roll-Up flavour is strong, and tastes exactly like a Jolly Rancher. The vanilla ice cream and green apple taste okay together, but it is way too sour.

Watermelon Jolly Rancher + vanilla ice cream

Rating: 4.5/10

The watermelon Fruit Roll-Up tastes similar to other watermelon candies, with its artificial watermelon flavour. However, the combination of vanilla ice cream and watermelon does not go well together. The watermelon flavour is just as sour as the green apple flavour.

Tropical Tie-Dye + vanilla ice cream

Rating: 9/10

The tropical tie-dye Fruit Roll-Up has many different fruity flavours, including pineapple, banana, peach, etc. It tastes like a tropical fruit punch and goes very well with vanilla ice cream. It is also not as sour as the Jolly Rancher flavours.

I highly recommend getting this flavour!

What does Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream taste like?

When you first take a bite, you get hit with that crunchy fruity shell with the soft and creamy vanilla ice cream. Then you chew a little, and the Fruit Roll-Up starts to warm up and become chewy.

The texture is similar to the crunchy shell of a chocolate dipped ice cream cone.

Ingredients for Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream

Fruit Roll-Up

Any flavour Fruit Roll-Up you fancy.

I recommend the tropical tie-dye flavour if you can get your hands on it!

Ice Cream

Vanilla ice cream is the most common flavour used with this Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream trend.

You may also use other flavours, such as mango sorbet, strawberry, or even chocolate ice cream!

How to make Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream


Unwrap Fruit Roll-Up

Gently unwrap the Fruit Roll-Up, making sure to avoid ripping it. Remove the plastic wrapper from the Fruit Roll-Up and place onto a dry, clean surface.

Note: Place the Fruit Roll-Up into the fridge for 5-10 mins so it will firm up and make it much easier to unwrap.


Place a scoop of ice cream in middle of Fruit Roll-Up

Dip your ice cream scooper in warm water and scoop up your ice cream. Place the scooped ice cream ball into the centre of the Fruit Roll-Up.

Note: Don’t scoop up too much ice cream or else the Fruit Roll-Up won’t be able to fully cover the ice cream. I recommend scooping just enough so that the ice cream scooper is filled and creates a small ice cream ball.


Quickly wrap Fruit Roll-Up around ice cream to form a parcel

Quickly take each corner of the Fruit Roll-Up, and bring it into the centre of the ice cream ball. All four corners of the Fruit Roll-Up should connect together in the middle of the ball of ice cream.

The Fruit Roll-Up will harden immediately once it touches the ice cream, so there is no need to freeze them (unless you want to save it for later).

All four corners of the Fruit Roll-Up are nicely tucked into the centre.

Note: If you don’t work quickly while wrapping, then the Fruit Roll-Up will harden and may crack when you try to wrap it around the ice cream.

Dig In!

LookCatchu! We made Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream, and before the ice cream melts, let’s dig in!

Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream

This Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream is the viral TikTok sweet, frozen treat, that's both crunchy and chewy, and only requires 2 ingredients to make!
Total Time 2 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 1 people


  • 1 roll Fruit-Roll Up
  • ¼ cup ice cream 1 scoop


  • Unwrap Fruit Roll-Up and place onto clean surface.
  • Place a scoop of ice cream onto the centre of Fruit Roll-Up.
  • Quickly fold the 4 corners into the centre of the ice cream.
  • Serve immediately (Note 1) and enjoy that crunch!



  1. No need to freeze the Fruit Roll-Up ice cream. The Fruit Roll-Up will immediately harden once it touches the cold ice cream.
This recipe makes 1 Fruit Roll-Up ice cream.
Keywords Fruit Roll-Up, ice cream

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