McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich

The McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich is the viral TikTok, sweet and salty food hack, sandwiching a McFlurry between two hash browns.

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What is a McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich?

A McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich is a new TikTok ice cream hack, where you take your favourite McFlurry flavour and slap it in-between two crisp McDonald’s hash browns. 

This unusual, sweet and salty food combination is heavily-hyped on the internet, and is supposedly delicious, according to the original TikToker, arvanfamily’s video.

Will it be similar to the iconic and fan-favourite, fries dipped in a chocolate frosty? Let’s find out!

The original TikToker made this ice cream sandwich with the Oreo McFlurry, so we will do the same. However, we will also be trying it with 2 other Canadian McFlurry flavours: Smarties (which tastes very similar to M&M’S), and the Skor chocolate toffee bar. We will see which flavour reigns supreme and if this ice cream sandwich hack is truly worth the hype.

This McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich is made with 2 simple ingredients: a McFlurry and 2 hash browns. All the ingredients used in this recipe can be made to order from McDonald’s, giving us a quick, sweet and salty treat that you’ll either love or hate!

If you’re looking for more fun, frozen treats, then try out my Fruit Roll Up Ice Cream recipe!

Please watch my video, as I walk you through how to make them, and hopefully entertain you with my witty sense of humour.

Now let’s get McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich-ing!

What is a McFlurry?

A McFlurry is McDonald’s brand of flavoured ice cream, made to order, in their fast-food chains, sold across the globe. It is served in paper cups, with the choice of crushed cookies or candies, mixed into their iconic soft-serve ice cream.

Depending on the McDonald’s branch and the location in the world, the flavours to mix in will vary. The most common flavour worldwide is the Oreo cookie flavour.

McFlurry and hash brown flavours review:

There are many different McFlurry flavours to try; below are the flavour combinations I’ve tried and my personal review on them:

Oreo McFlurry + McDonald’s hash brown

Rating: 6/10

The Oreo flavour is fairly mild, with the salty and potato flavour slightly overpowering the Oreo flavour. However, if you are a fan of Oreo, you will most likely like this flavour combination.

Skor + McDonald’s hash brown

Rating: 8.5/10

Skor is a Hershey’s chocolate candy bar, with a crunchy butter toffee in the centre.

The Skor flavour works very well with the salty and potato flavour of the hash brown. The saltiness pairs very well with the caramel/toffee flavour, with flavours reminiscent of salted caramel.

Highly recommend making the ice cream sandwich with this flavour! (If you can find it).

M&M’s (Smarties) + McDonald’s hash brown

Rating: 2/10

The M&M’s flavour is non-existent, with the salty and potato flavour overpowering the McFlurry. Though we get the occasional chocolate flavour coming from the crushed M&M’s, it is not worth wasting 2 hash browns to make.

Is the McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream worth the hype?

No, it is not worth the hype.

Though, in theory, a warm and crispy hash brown, with cold ice cream sounds like it would be a sweet and salty, match in Heaven, below are the reasons why it is not worth the hype:

It is expensive to make

The hefty, $2.30 CAD (before tax) price tag for 1 hash brown is frankly ridiculous – that’s 2 hash browns for around $5. In additional to the hash browns, a snack-size McFlurry costs around $3.39 CAD (before tax), making a single hash brown ice cream sandwich, cost a total of almost $10 (after tax)!

It is very messy to eat

Your clothes and table will get a McFlurry makeover while eating this.

The hash brown is too salty

McDonald’s hash browns are very salty – saltier than a french fry would be. Since the salt in their hash brown is mixed into the shredded potatoes and then fried, the saltiness penetrates throughout the hash brown. The salt overpowers the sweetness of the McFlurry, throwing the entire dish off balance.

The potato flavour is strong

Salt enhances the flavour of a dish. The salt works closely with each crevice of the shredded potato, thus intensifying the earthy potato flavour. The potato flavour is very strong and catches you off guard with the sweetness of the ice cream.

How to improve the Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich hack:

If you want to try this hack, I believe that using only one hash brown, to create an open-faced ice cream sandwich, would taste better.

Using one hash brown would result in a better balance of sweet and savoury. The overall ratio of the hash brown and McFlurry would be balanced, thus making the eating experience more enjoyable.

Ingredients for Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream

Hash Brown

You will need two McDonald’s hash browns, freshly fried, to create the ice cream sandwich.

For those that want to make at home, please use my McDonald’s Hash Brown recipe. It is a copycat version and only requires 2 ingredients to make!


The Oreo flavour is the original flavour that the trend started out with, but you can use any McFlurry flavour you fancy.

Refer to my review above to see which flavour works the best with the McDonald’s hash brown!

How to make McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich


Scoop McFlurry onto hash brown

Place a McDonald’s hash brown in your hands or on a plate. Smear 2-3 spoonfuls of your favourite McFlurry flavour.


Place another hash brown on top and serve

Grab another hash brown lid and gently place it onto the McFlurry, slightly squishing it down to even it all out.

Serve immediately while the hash brown is still crispy and warm, with the cold McFlurry.

Dig In!

LookCatchu! We made McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich, and before the ice cream melts, let’s dig in!

McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich

The McDonald's Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich is the viral TikTok, sweet and salty food hack, sandwiching a McFlurry between two hash browns.
Prep Time 1 minute
Course Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 1 people


  • 2 piece hash brown McDonald's
  • ¼ cup McFlurry 2-3 spoonfuls


  • Place one hash brown on a plate.
  • Place 1/4 cup (2-3 spoonfuls) of McFlurry onto the hashbrown.
  • Gently squish another hash brown on top. Serve immediately.



This recipe makes 1 McDonald’s Hash Brown Ice Cream Sandwich.
Keywords hash brown, ice cream, McDonald’s

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